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Great Time To Be A Social Media Innovator

This article caught my eye a couple of week’s ago on Techcrunch, “The Next 10 Years Will Be Great For Both Founders and VCs” by William Quigley, Managing Director at Clearstone Venture Partners.

The article is not limited to new ventures in social media however, he uses the examples of Facebook and Twitter in comparison to Microsoft and Amazon.  Quigley’s analysis and insight is excellent.  If you are an innovator and entrepreneur working in the technology and social media space, there probably has never been a more exciting time for such ventures.

I remember the projections many wall street and IT analysts made during the dot com boom.  Many were clearly ridiculous at the time, but when we now see successful, massively scalable business models like those developed by Google and Amazon investors are more willing to pay up for proven new businesses such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Groupon.


About John Murphy

I'm a husband of 29 years to my beautiful wife and college sweetheart, Janet. We have 6 children from age 11 to 26. Having spent many years in corporate life I wanted to leave that structure and be more entrepreneurial. I'm also a licensed real estate broker, REALTOR® and investor specializing in the Minneapolis western suburbs (LIC # 40059306) with eXp Realty. I love to exercise - specifically cycling and weight lifting! If you can't find me, I'm probably exercising at Life Time Fitness in Plymouth. I'm always engrossed in a good book or two. I enjoy my coffee in the morning and an occasional glass of wine at night.


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