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Digital Agency vs. Born Digital

One of the enjoyable debates these days is to talk to digital agencies and see how they describe themselves.  Many digital agencies today are extensions of more traditional advertising agencies.  Business is moving to the digital world from the traditional media world.  What is the status of the agency of the future?  Does it matter if your agency is a digital agency or if it’s born digital?  Those who would define themselves as being born digital believe there is a difference.

Mark Sherrington is a writer, consultant, speaker and blogger who resides in Cape Town South Africa.  He published an excellent in-depth article on the difference between the digital agency and the born digital agency.  If you’re in the advertising agency business, it’s worth a read.  It may open up some excellent debate and discussion within your firm.


About John Murphy

I'm a husband of 29 years to my beautiful wife and college sweetheart, Janet. We have 6 children from age 11 to 26. Having spent many years in corporate life I wanted to leave that structure and be more entrepreneurial. I'm also a licensed real estate broker, REALTOR® and investor specializing in the Minneapolis western suburbs (LIC # 40059306) with eXp Realty. I love to exercise - specifically cycling and weight lifting! If you can't find me, I'm probably exercising at Life Time Fitness in Plymouth. I'm always engrossed in a good book or two. I enjoy my coffee in the morning and an occasional glass of wine at night.


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