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I'm a husband of 29 years to my beautiful wife and college sweetheart, Janet. We have 6 children from age 11 to 26. Having spent many years in corporate life I wanted to leave that structure and be more entrepreneurial. I'm also a licensed real estate broker, REALTOR® and investor specializing in the Minneapolis western suburbs (LIC # 40059306) with eXp Realty. I love to exercise - specifically cycling and weight lifting! If you can't find me, I'm probably exercising at Life Time Fitness in Plymouth. I'm always engrossed in a good book or two. I enjoy my coffee in the morning and an occasional glass of wine at night.
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Managing Your Twitter Workflow

Mark Smiciklas at Social Media Examiner has an excellent synopsis of how best to manage your Twitter workflow.  I know I am guilty of not being disciplined in how I personally manage my Twitter related business where I read and tweet on general social media topics, economics & business as well as real estate. It’s … Continue reading

Top 10 Social Media Influencers – Forbes Magazine

So who are the most influential people in social media today?  Forbes Magazine took a crack at it by using the site PeekYou.  One thing worth noting is that this list only analyzes Twitter and not the only social networks.  Certainly the results might be different if other social media channels were included.  That said, … Continue reading

Google+ For Small and Medium Businesses

Here’s a good list of how small and medium businesses can put Google+ to work. Below is taken from Cheetah Builder – Google+ for small business. How can Google+ help you interact with your customers in new ways? Put your best customers in a separate circle, and share special news and discounts that might interest … Continue reading

Digital Agency vs. Born Digital

One of the enjoyable debates these days is to talk to digital agencies and see how they describe themselves.  Many digital agencies today are extensions of more traditional advertising agencies.  Business is moving to the digital world from the traditional media world.  What is the status of the agency of the future?  Does it matter … Continue reading

Taking the Social Web Beyond Facebook

When people think of social networking, they tend to think of Facebook and perhaps Twitter and LinkedIn.  But there are many more ways to socialize business and the web beyond these big three.  Liz Gannes of AllThingsD has an excellent article that elaborates on many new companies that are creating new social services that will … Continue reading

Corning: A Day Made of Glass – Innovative Technology

This is a fantastic video that demonstrates the incredibly innovative technology being developed by Corning.  Imagine the implications to social media and marketing once we can deliver communications via glass.  

The Future of Journalism by Robert Krulwich

Having spent much of my life in the publishing and media fields, albeit on the sales and marketing side, I have a passion for the media and publishing businesses in all their formats.  So when I saw this blog entry I was intrigued. Robert Krulwich gave this talk as the commencement speech at the Berkeley … Continue reading

Why Your Web Site Must Remain at the The Core of Your Social Strategy – John Bell

While everyone’s talking about social, mobile and local, the notion of the web site has somewhat taken a back seat.  There has also been lots of commentary that perhaps web sites would just go away and everyone would build their sites within Facebook.  I for one, am not convinced that’s a very good idea.  Sure … Continue reading

Social Media and Social Commerce Analytics

Some of the biggest topics as well as opportunities today is providing data tracking and analytics for social media and social commerce.  Exactly how does social media contribute to commerce?  Once we can consistently track and provide analytics on social media, the bigger investment companies will make in this space. One company that is providing … Continue reading

Great Time To Be A Social Media Innovator

This article caught my eye a couple of week’s ago on Techcrunch, “The Next 10 Years Will Be Great For Both Founders and VCs” by William Quigley, Managing Director at Clearstone Venture Partners. The article is not limited to new ventures in social media however, he uses the examples of Facebook and Twitter in comparison … Continue reading